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Urge Congress to Pass NSA Spying Reform Bill

Sensenbrenner-and-Leahy-actionUPDATE, 6/5/14: CAIR and many other civil liberties organizations have withdrawn their support for the USA Freedom Act in the form that was finally adopted by the House. Please see our updated statement for details.


(WASHINGTON, D.C., 5/6/14) - On Wednesday, the House Judiciary Committee will consider the USA Freedom Act, a bipartisan reform bill that would reign in the NSA's secret surveillance and bulk collection of Americans' phone and internet records.

Since the original bill's introduction, CAIR has strongly supported the act as a means to restoring the privacy rights of all citizens.

In a statement, CAIR Government Affairs Manager Robert McCaw said:

"CAIR applauds Chairman Bob Goodlatte and the Judiciary Committee for moving ahead with a vote on the USA Freedom Act despite pushback from House leadership. Only Congress can put an end to NSA's secret collection of Americans' phone records and internet activities. We urge the committee to pass the act as it was introduced and for the House and Senate to adopt the resolution and put an immediate end to abusive and unconstitutional government spying programs."

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